The impact of rent control: Investigations on historical data in the city of Lyon
by    Loïc Bonneval, Florence Goffette-Nagot, Zhejin Zhao

Keywords:The impact of rent control Investigations on historical data in the city Lyon


This paper reexamines the debated issue of the effects of rent control policy on the rental market. We investigate the impact on rents of three different forms of rent regu- lation in Lyon over a 78-year period. We use an original historical data set which allows us to track regulation changes, rent paid, and tenant moves for a long-run panel of flats. Using a difference-in-differences method, we es- timate the impact of regulation on rents depending on the type of rent control over different economic periods. Our results show that the impact of rent control deep- ened over time. Starting with an 11% reduction in rents between 1914 and 1929, it reached a decrease by 47% in the regulated rental market in the 1949–1968 period. We do not find any increase in rents in the unregulated seg- ment of the rental market, which could be a result of a reduction in housing investment in the long run.